What is Ice-Rally?
Ice Rally is a form of automotive ice racing, but instead of racing wheel to wheel, it’s a race against the clock for the quickest time.  Ice-Rally takes place on a frozen lake, with cones outlining a “Road Course” style circuit.  Any 4-wheel car, truck, or van is eligible to compete.  There are several classes based on chassis setup (AWD, FWD, & RWD) and tire type (All-Season, Snow, & Studded Tire).  Ice-Rally is the best “bang for your buck” netting you the most seat time for your dollar.  It will teach you to drive at the limits of traction which will increase driver’s skills.  All that is needed to compete is a car, a DOT helmet, and the entry fee (Typically $15-$35).

A Typical Day…
Registration usually opens at 9am and ends about 10am.  Registration is usually done inside someone’s car, so look for a line and some important people.  After you register, we allow open practice until 10:30am.  We have a Mandatory Driver’s Meeting at 10:45am.  We split everyone into 2 groups based on their car class.  On a normal turnout, each group will get to run in 2 heats (running a total of 4 heats throughout the day) with 4-6 timed runs in each heat.   We will sometimes change the course layout half way through the event to prevent large ice ruts.  We will then take the average if your best time from each track layout.  Obviously quickest time in their class will win.  The event will typically come to an end around 4pm, and shortly after we will do a small award ceremony.

Typical Ice-Rally Schedule:
9am – 10am – Registration Opens
9:30am – 10:30am – Open Practice
10:45am – Drivers Meeting
11:00am – First Car out
Event ends around 3-4pm

Typical Cost: $20 for Members, $30 for Non Members

DOT Certified Helmet
18 years and older (or parental guardian onsite)
Valid Drivers License
Car must pass basic tech inspection

Ice-Rally Classes:

AWD – All-Season Tires
AWD – Snow Tires
AWD – Spec Studded Tires

FWD – All-Season Tires
FWD – Snow Tires
FWD – Spec Studded Tires

RWD – All-Season Tires
RWD – Snow Tires
RWD – Spec Studded Tires

Unlimited Studded (Any Drivetrain)

Spec stud rule can be found here.